Soal Gerund, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris plus Kunci Jawaban Part 2

Berikut ini admin bagikan Soal Gerund berupa kuis atau tes online yang mana kalian bisa langsung menjawab soal dengan cara mengklik bulatan di depan jawaban yang kalian anggap paling benar. Jika jawaban kalian benar atau salah pun, skor akan langsung ditampilkan otomatis. Skor untuk satu soal adalah 5. Total skor jika semua jawaban benar adalah 100.

Soal Online Gerund

Soal Online "Gerund"
Petunjuk: klik lingkaran yang ada di depan jawaban yang benar. Poin untuk satu soal adalah 5

1. I thought Manda was believable. I told her everything about me but she betrayed me. I regret .... the girl like her.
to trust
being trusted

2. Did Randy remember .... to Paris with her colleague last month?
to take
being taken
being taking

3. John admitted .... a man to finish .... his thesis.
to hire - to do
hiring - doing
to be hiring - doing
being hired - being done

4. When riding my motorbike, I got problem with it. It stopped suddenly. I tried .... its plug. Thanks God it worked well.
to check
being checked
to be checking

5. When did Santi delay .... to Middle East countries?
to go
being going
to be going

6. Mr. Brown came into the class in hurry. He said to the students," I regret .... that we get no more place start today.".
to tell
be telling
being told

7. Who refused the offer of .... to South Africa?
being transferred
to transfer
to be transferred

8. No one likes .... in their life, do they?
to underestimate
being underestimated
being underestimating

9. Did you accept the offer of .... as a bell boy in the hotel where your brother works?
will work

10. Are you still looking forward .... for a recruiting test?
to being called
for calling
to be calling
to be called

11. Yulia is not ashamed .... so foolishly in front of her friends.
for behaving
for her behavior
of behaving
being behaved

12. What are the marginal people looking forward?
to being supported for their life
supporting for their life
to be supported for their life
their support

13. Would you mind .... in front of children?
not to smoke
not smoking
no smoking
not to be smoking

14. Which of the following statement is NOT true ?
Is Mr. William accused of smuggling firearms to rebellions?
She disapproves for waiting in this place so long
She objects to my leaving the program early
Prevent children from watching TV so frequently !

15. How many applicants are looking forward .... for an interview ?
for a call
getting a call
being called
to being called

16. The poor are worth .... for their children's education, aren't they ?
being supported
to support
to be supported

17. Are the cases worth .... as soon as possible ?
being solved
to be solved
to be solving

18. What has the judge denied ?
bribing the criminal
having bribed the criminal
being bribed to release the criminal from the charge
to be bribed to release the criminal from the charge

19. You are watching your weight now. Have you considered .... regularly ?
to do sport
doing sport
to doing sport
have done sport

20. Does your youngest brother prefer .... to .... on weekends?
playing game at home - going out with friends
to play games at home - go out with friends
playing games at home - go out with friends
to play games at home - be going out with friends

Bagaimana kuisnya? Sudah dapat skor 100 belum? Kalau masih penasaran dengan kuisnya, boleh kok   COBA LAGI

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Itulah Soal Gerund, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris plus Kunci Jawaban. Semoga bermanfaat untuk kita semua.

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