Contoh Soal Passive Voice, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris

Beberapa waktu yang lalu Juragan Les telah membagikan 100 lebih soal passive voice. Dan berikut ini admin bagikan lagi soal passive voice yang lain. Contoh soal passive voice kali ini dalam bentuk soal online berupa kuis atau tes online bahasa Inggris yang mana kalian bisa langsung menjawab soal dengan cara mengklik bulatan di depan jawaban yang kalian anggap paling benar. Skor otomatis ditampilkan. Total skor jika semua jawaban benar adalah 100.
Contoh Soal Online Passive Voice

Tes Online "Passive Voice"
Petunjuk: klik lingkaran yang ada di depan jawaban yang benar. Poin untuk satu soal adalah 5

1. Juminten is sweeping the floor.
We can also say .... by Juminten
the floor has swept
the floor is being swept
the floor was swept
the floor was being swept

2. The floor .... since yesterday.
is not swept
was not sweeping
not being swept
has not been swept

3. A wooden bridge .... here next month.
is going to built
is to built
is building
will be built

4. As he was badly hurt in the car accident, he .... to the nearest hospital.
being taken
was taken
be taken

5. The picture is not here anymore. It must have ....
be taken
being taken
been taken away
being taken away

6. Which of the following sentences is passive form.
The boy will be a good student
Your mother will be at home soon
The examination will be held in May next month
Your little sister will be very happy to receive the doll

7. His antique car .... yesterday.
was sold
has been sold
had been sold
was being sold

8. Tomorrow, the car .... by my mother.
is driven
was driven
will be driven
has been driven

9. I become quite nervous when I knew that my speech ....
was to record
to be recorded
to be recording
was being recorded

10. A well known architect is designing our new office.
The passive form of the sentence above is ....
Our new office designed by well known architect
Our new office is being designed by well known architect
Our new office are designed by well known architect
Our new office is designing by well known architect

11. Komodos .... to be descendant from dinosaurs
to believed
to be believed
are believed

12. At the moment, the building .... to make space for parking lot.
be demolished
being demolished
is being demolished
to demolished

13. "Which painting will be exhibited tomorrow?"
We don't know yet; they .... by a team.
are being selected
are still selecting
still be selected
still selected

14. Nothing .... since we left.
is changed
has been changed
was changed
will be changed

15. This is a very popular TV program. Every week it .... by millions of people.
being watched
is watched
was watched
to be watched

16. "The hotel is suffering a great loss."
"Yes, only ten percent of their rooms .... ."
being occupied
are occupied
is occupied

17. "The bill includes service, doesn't it?"
"Oh yes, service .... in the bill."
is included
be included
is including

18. You can't enter the room because it .... now.
is cleaned
has cleaned
is being cleaned

19. Anwar : "Look ! the girl is crying. What happened to her just now?"
      Sadam : "While playing with her brother, she .... ."
was kicking
was kicked

20. "Why aren't you driving your own car?"
"It .... ."
has sold
has to sell
has been sold
has to be sold

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Itulah Contoh Soal Passive Voice, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat untuk kita semua.

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