Contoh Soal Conversation, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris Part 2

Belajar conversation sama pentingnya dengan belajar grammar. Nah, agar kalian semakin mahir dalam berbahasa Inggris, di sini admin ingin mengajak kalian semua untuk belajar conversation dengan cara mengerjakan soal online. Conversation merupakan materi speaking yang biasanya diajarkan di tingkat SMP Kelas 7, 8, dan 9. Dan berikut ini Soal Conversation part 2 sebagai lanjutan soal conversation sebelumnya.
Soal Conversation, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris Part 2

Soal Online "Conversation tingkat SMP"
Petunjuk: klik lingkaran yang ada di depan jawaban yang benar. Poin untuk satu soal adalah 5

1. Yoga :".... I lost my temper last night."
   Rino :" Never mind, I understand."
I'm glad
I don't care
I'm dare say
Please forgive me

2. Rangga :"Hey, I got three for an English test! I didn't expect to get it."
   Arman :"Never mind. Let's do better for the next tests."
The underlined expression shows ....

3. Anton :"Excuse me, Sir .... here, the parking lot is over there."
   Mr. X :" Oh, I am sorry. I don't know about it."
You may park
You are not allowed to park
You should park
You are supposed to park

4. Rina : " Did you enjoy the meal?"
    Nola : " Sure, it's wonderful .... did you cook all the food by yourself?"
    Rina: "Oh no, my sister helped me prepare all the food. I'm happy you enjoy it."
Which of the following expressions is not suitable to complete the dialogue?
I feel quite annoyed
I'll never forget it
It has made me satisfied
It's such good I've ever had

5. Dicky : " Next Sunday I'm going to have a birthday party to celebrate my birthday .... to the party."
    Romy : " I'd love to."
I'd like to come
I'd like you to come
won't you come in
will you invite me

6. Nia : " I haven't seen you for a long time .... ."
    Reni : "I'm fine, thank you."
How do you do?
How are you?
How is your mother?
What happened to you?

7. Anwar : " Do you know Mrs. Talkative and her friend?"
    Budi : " Yes, they talk too much. I'm .... I don't like such people."
found of
keen on

8. Joko : " Hello, this is Joko"
     Tono : " Hi, Joko, are you doing anything at the moment?"
     Joko : " No, why?"
     Tono : " ...................... ."
     Joko :" O.K. pick me up!"
Let's go swimming
Please have a swim
Swim as long as you can
Let's stop swimming

9. X : " What do you think she is doing?"
    Y : " ....................."
I think she works
I think she worked
I think she was working
I think she is working

10. Tourist : " I need a room for two nights."
    Receptionist : " All right, Sir. Could you show me your identification card, please?"
    Tourist : " ................ ."
It doesn't matter
Yes, of course
Not to bad
Thanks a lot

11. Rangga : " .I'm sorry, I must go now"
    Cinta: " What a pity!"
    Rangga :"See you tomorrow."
The word "I must go now" in the dialogue above means that Rangga would .... Cinta.

12. Don't go out, please! It is very cold outside!
You may also say ....
Won't you stay inside, please!
Will you stay inside, please!
Would you please stay outside!
Go out, please!

13. Reva: " I'm not sure that I can past the test.""
    Lina : " ................. ."
I'm sorry to hear that
Hopefully you can
Yes, you are

14. Nando : "...............?"
      Andra "Yes, very much. It's very interesting."
Do you like collecting stamps
What is your hobby
Would you mind playing badminton
What do you think of country music

15. Rika :"Can you stay a little longer here?"
      Rosita:" I'm sorry .... ."
I'll be waiting for you here
Please come and see me, too
but it's time for me to leave
but it's time for me to stay

16. The correct sentence is ....
Would you open the door, please?
You would open the door, please?
Please, you would open the door?
Please, open the door would you?

17. X : "Can I have two tickets for the eight o'clock train to Surabaya?"
      Y : " .... there no more seats."
I'm sure
Do you think so
I'm afraid
I'm confident

18. Ronaldo :"I have been chosen as the captain football team."
      Messy : " .................. ."
Thank you
That's great
Are you sure

19.Mother :" Why do you plant this cactus in the damp ground?"
     Erna :" It needs lots of water."
     Mother :"................. ."
     Erna :" Really? I didn't know about that."
It can live there
It can live in water
It can not live in water
It can not without water

20. Rully: " Do you have any hoby?"
      Sandy : " Of course, I have a special hobby."
      Rully : " ............... ."
      Sandy : " Motocross."
      Rully : " Wonderful."
Is it
What's that
How about

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Itulah Contoh Soal Conversation, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris Part 2.  Semoga bermanfaat untuk kita semua.

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