Tes Online Conversation, Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP

Belajar Bahasa Inggris itu tidak mengenal musim. Kapan pun kita bisa belajar bahkan ketika musim liburan sekolah. Nah, agar kalian semakin mahir dalam berbahasa Inggris, kalau berbicara bisa cas-cis-cus alias ngewes layaknya turis. Lagi-lagi di sini admin ingin mengajak kalian semua untuk belajar conversation dengan cara mengerjakan Tes Online Conversation. Soal Conversation ini adalah contoh soal Bahasa Inggris SMP yang mana conversation merupakan materi speaking harus dipelajari oleh siswa-siswi kelas 7, 8, dan 9. Dan berikut ini Soal Conversation sebagai lanjutan soal conversation sebelumnya.
Tes Online Conversation, Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP

Soal Online "Conversation tingkat SMP"
Petunjuk: klik lingkaran yang ada di depan jawaban yang benar. Poin untuk satu soal adalah 5

1. Nina :"Have you ever been to Bali?"
   Rita :" Yes, three times. I like the sand, sunset, and everything arround the beach."
   Nina :"................. ."
   Rita :" Certainly. I do."
I can say you don't like mountains
I like beaches also
I think you don't like beaches
I am sure you like beaches

2. X :"Good morning, .... please?"
   Y :"Certainly. Here it is."
   X :"Thank you. Could you put your luggage here?"
   Y :" I'm afraid I've bought a lot of things."
May I have your name
May I see your tickets
May I see your driving license
May I write my name here

3. Darto :"Why don't you water your plants? Look, they're beginning to dry up."
   Farmer:" I hope it will rain soon."
   Darto : " ................... ."
I think they will soon wither
Probably they will grow
Perhap it will rain
I think they can bear heat

4. Andi : " .... coming with me?"
    Budi : " Where to?"
    Andi : " Watching a boxing match."
    Budi : "All right."
Are you fond of
What about
Are you
Is he

5. Ricky : " .... going swimming?"
    Harun : " Of course, it is my hobby."
Are you proud of
What about
Are you
How are you

6. X : " What can I do for you?"
   Y : "Well. I want to meet the manager."
The first speaker uses on expression about ....
asking permission
offering help
asking help
making appointment

7. Shopkeeper : " Can I help you, madam?"
     Mrs. Anita : " Yes, I need some red apples."
     Shopkeeper : " You like apple, don't you?"
     Mrs. Anita : " .... they are sweet."
That's wonderful
Is that true
I don't think so
Of course

8. Intan : " Did you see my pen?"
    Evi : "No, I didn't. Have you asked Putri?"
    Intan : " Putri, are you using my pen?"
    Putri: " No, I am not. Dino is using it .... ."
not possible

9. Hera : " I'm sure Indah has forgotten to come here."
    Wati : " .... she always keeps her promise. I know her well."
I doubt that
I'm sure
I'm sorry
I agree with you

10. Angga : " Look! The small river runs swiftly down the valley."
    Danang : " Wow .... !"
What a lovely panorama
Are you cold
What a lovely dress
What a nice picture you have

11. Berta : " I'll get the final examination tomorrow."
      Rona: " ............ ."
I hope you'll pass it
I think you'll get the bad mark
I don't know about it
I don't thik about it

12. Rendy : " What is the name of the flower?"
      Luna: " I don't know for certain .... it is a rose."
      Rendy: " No. I don't think so. It has no thorns."
     Luna: " Let me have a look! Oh, it is a hibiscus ."

13. Elma: " Can Siti operate a computer?""
    Amel : " May be she can, but .... I've never seen her operate it."
I doubt it
I'm sure about it
I'm afraid she can
I'm surprised to know what

14. X : "Some species of our wild animals are extinct."
      Y " ........................ ."
Good luck
How nice
That's a pity
I know how it feels

15. Iwan :"I think everybody should have a TV in their house."
      Riana:" .... television makes people passive."
You're right
I agree
That's quite right
I disagree

16. Danu comes to visit Ira on Sunday.
      Danu:"I'm very thirsty."
      Ira :"................. ."
      Danu:" Yes, of course."
Would you like any drink?
Do you like to drink coffee?
Can I take my drink?
Would you wait for a drink?

17. Sony :"Thanks for your invitation, Dimas. I'll come tomorrow."
      Dimas : " .................. ."
Here is your invitation
I think too
Not, at all
I'll wait for you

Tes Online Conversation, Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Gambar 1
Wisnu : "Look at this!"
Ariel : " Wow .... ."
Wisnu :"Yeah. That is Fiji Island."
How marvellous is the picture!
What a beautiful picture!
How nice picture!
What pretty the picture is

19.Bima :" Ki, it's a nice day, isn't it?"
     Kiki :" Yes, it's good for fishing."
     Bima :"How about going fishing to Marina Beach."
    Kiki :" .... I have to stay at home."
Forgive me, please
Excuse me Bima
I'm afraid, I can't
I'm not afraid

20.Sania: " Have you read the news in the newspaper?"
     Mawra : " Not yet. What's the matter?"
      Rully : " .... news is it. It tells us detail information."
      Sandy : " Are you interested?"
      Rully : " Of course."
How good
What good
What a good
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