Soal Gerund, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris plus Kunci Jawaban

Berikut ini Soal Gerund, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris untuk kalian semua. Soal Gerund ini sudah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Namun ada baiknya kamu mencoba mengerjakan soal secara mandiri. Setelah kamu mengerjakan soal, kamu dapat melihat langsung hasilnya secara online yaitu skor. Jika jawaban kamu benar maka skor otomatis bertambah. Namun jika jawaban kamu salah, jangan khawatir karena skor kamu tidak akan berkurang. Total skor jika semua jawaban kamu benar adalah 100. Ayo, uji kemampuan Grammar Bahasa Inggris kamu di sini !

Soal Gerund, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris plus Kunci Jawaban

Dilarang Copy Paste
Soal Online Bahasa Inggris "Gerund"
Petunjuk: klik lingkaran yang ada di depan jawaban yang benar. Poin untuk satu soal adalah 5

1. Some people enjoy .... a soccer match on TV, didn't they?
to watch
being watched
be watching

2. My father considers .... regularly after knowing that he gets diabetes.
doing sport
to do sport
for doing sport
to doing sport

3. Dino : "What are your sister's hobbies?
    Dion : "planting orchid and ....
other rare flower
to collect antique bottles
collecting old vases

4. Is Franda responsible .... in the following competition?
of organizing children
organizing children
to organize children
for organizing children

5. What are these ratans for?
making toys
to make toys
make toys
being made toys

6. Which of the following is not gerund?
Rio can't stand on the table changing a broken lamp.
Nicholas is ashamed of not earning money for his life.
Lili's father disapproves of her marrying her poor darling
Who has fined Jonas for coming very late to the meeting.

7. What are children scared?
being left by their mother
of sleepng in a dark room
to not being with their mother
being alone at home

8. Erina doesn't mind helping but she doesn't like ....
to criticize
be criticized
being criticized

9. Who is sick of .... to undergo life?
be driving
being driven
to drive

10. We must prevent children .... on-line games so frequently.
to play
from playing
of playing

11. When did Renata delay .... to Middle East countries?
to go
being going
to be going

12. Who refused the offer of .... to South Africa?
being transferred
to transfer
to be transferred

13. No one likes .... in their life, do they?
to underestimate
being underestimated
being underestimated

14. Are you still looking forward .... for a recruiting test?
to being called
for calling
to be calling
to be called

15. Professor James regretted .... that he was not going to give a lecture anymore at this college.
to be told
to tell
having told

16. Are these cases worth .... as soon as possible?
being solved
to be solved
to be solving

17. Which of the following statement is not true?
Is Mr. Hasan accused of smuggling firearms to rebellions?
She disapproves for waiting in this place so long.
She objects to my leaving the program early.
Prevent children from watching TV so frequently

18. What has the judge denied?
bribing the criminal
having bribed the criminal
being bribed to release the criminal from the charge
to be bribed to release the criminal from the charge

19. How many applicants are looking forward .... for an interview?
for a call
getting a call
being called
to being called

20. Are children afraid .... by their mother?
of being neglected
with being neglecting

Sudahkah kamu mendapat skor 100 ? Jika belum COBA LAGI deh !

Javascript pada browser perlu diaktifkan untuk menampilkan soal online ini. Jika soal online tidak berjalan, kamu dapat mengunjungi Soal Gerund Bahasa Inggris plus Kunci Jawaban

Berikut ini artikel pendukung Soal Gerund yang bisa kalian baca sehingga kalian mengetahui kata kerja apa saja yang diikuti gerund dan aturan penggunaan prepositions.

Gerund after Other Verbs
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Itulah Soal Gerund, Soal Online Bahasa Inggris plus Kunci Jawaban. Masih banyak latihan soal online Bahasa Inggris yang bisa kamu kerjakan di sini. Tetap semangat belajar yaaa :)

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