Soal UAS 2 / UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 plus Kunci Jawaban

Berikut ini adalah contoh latihan soal UAS 2 / Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk adik-adik yang duduk di bangku sekolah dasar kelas 4

Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 dan Kunci Jawaban

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, or d !
1. I am an elementary school student. .... name is Nafia.
a. my
b. our
c. her
d. your

2. You can see the film at ....
a. prison
b. market
c. cinema
d. library

3. My mother makes up in front of ....
a. the door
b. the box
c. the mirror
d. the corner

4. These are animals which have four legs, except ....
a. cow
b. horse
c. rabbit
d. duck

5. Birds can fly because they have ....
a. nose
b. lung
c. wing
d. leg

6. The baby of the butterfly is ....
a. bee
b. bird
c. caterpillar
d. pigeon

7. The animals which give us honey are ....
a. bird
b. bee
c. ant
d. cow

Tailor and Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4
My mother is a .... Her activity is sewing
a. sailor
b. tailor
c. doctor
d. autor

9. Andi : " Does Nando like playing football?"
    Anton : " No, ....".
a. he doesn't
b. he isn't
c. he hasn't
d. he wasn't

10. Mother needs a cup of ....
a. egg
b. coffee
c. noodle
d. rice

11. A duster is a thing which is used to ....
a. clean the table
b. clean the floor
c. clean the clothes
d. clean the dishes

12. We find the meaning of difficult of english words in the ....
a. book
b. news paper
c. radio
d. dictionary

Watch and Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4
We need a watch to know ....
a. the palce
b. the time
c. the area
d. the direction

14. We buy a bottle of water to ....
a. eat
b. drink
c. sleep
d. wash

15. The example food for monkey is ....
a. carrot
b. banana
c. cake
d. papaya

16. Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow is ....
a. Wednesday
b. Thursday
c. Friday
d. Saturday

17. Yesterday was Sunday. Today is ....
a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Thursday
d. Friday

18. Before April we have ....
a. February
b. March
c. May
d. June

19. .... date is it today ?
a. Where
b. How
c. When
d. What

20. .... do you buy toy plane?
a. What
b. Where
c. Who
d. Which

21. A : " .... of this television?"
      B : " It is one million rupiahs".
a. How is the price
b. What is the price
c. When is the price
d. Where is the price

22. Marvel : " .... does it cost?"
      Pasha  : " It cost Rp 15.000,00".
a. How
b. How many
c. How much
d. What

23. Rico likes reading ....
a. music
b. book
c. television
d. movie

24. I want to play badminton. I need ....
a. ball
b. jacket
c. hat
d. racket

25. We can buy met in the ....
a. butcher
b. fruit stall
c. greengrocer
d. stationery


Slide and Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4
Jono and Michelle like playing ....
a. swing
b. slide
c. rope skipping
d. marble

27. Dio and Fahmi are playing kite in the ....
a. field
b. yard
c. house
d. garden

28. The second of the year is ....
a. February
b. March
c. August
d. October

29. There are .... days in March.
a. 28
b. 29
c. 30
d. 31

30. A : " Are those your dolls?
      B : " Yes, ....
a. they are not
b. they are
c. they do
d. they is

II. Translate these sentences into English !
1. Arman ingin bermain ayunan
2. Apakah ini pensilmu?
3. Mari bermain petak umpet.
4. Ini tas ibuku
5. Harga buku ini Rp 5000,00
6. Intan sedang belajar di kelas
7. Murid-murid bermain di halaman sekolah
8. Semangka ini besar
9. Mangga ini manis rasanya
10. Marsha suka bermain boneka

III. arrange the words below into good sentences !
1. mango - eat- likes - Angga - to
2. are - trees - some - There - in - papaya - garden - the
3. market - bus - goes - to - Indra - the - by
4. vegetables - buy - the - greengrocer - We - in
5. is - playing - She - rope skipping

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Berikut ini Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 terbaru tahun 2018 ↓

Soal UKK / UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2 Terbaru Tahun 2018 

Kunci Jawaban Room I
1.a  2.c  3.c  4.d  5.c  6.c  7.b  8.b  9.a  10.b  11.a  12.d  13.b  14.b  15.b  16.a  17.a  18.b  19.d  20.b  21.b  22.c  23.b  24.d  25.a  26.b  27.a  28.a  29.d  30.b

Kunci Jawaban Room II
1. Arman wants to play swing
2. Is this your pencil ?
3. Let's play hide and seek
4. This is my mother's bag
5. The price of this book is Rp 5000,00
6. Intan is studying in the classroom
7. The students play in the school yard
8. This water melon is big
9. This mango is sweet taste
10. Marsha likes playing doll

Kunci Jawaban Room III
1. Angga likes to eat mango
2. There are some papaya trees in the garden
3. Indra goes to the market bay bus
4. We buy vegetables in the greengrocer
5. She is playing rope skipping

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