Contoh Kalimat Participle after Other Verbs and Expressions

Present Participle dan Past Participle bisa ditempatkan setelah kata kerja tertentu dan juga ungkapan-ungkapan (expression).

1. Participle bisa diletakkan setelah kata kerja indera.

Present Participle dan Past Participle bisa diletakkan setelah kata kerja kerja: see, feel, smell, hear, listen to, look at, watch, observe dan notice.

Pola kalimat:
Subject + Verbs of sensation + Object + Present/Past Participle
Present Participle mengandung makna aktive (me/ber) sedangkan Past Participle mengandung makna passive (di/ter).
Contoh :
* I can see the pain living in your eyes.
* Do you feel your heart beating ?
* She didn’t hear her name called. (passive)
* Scientists often observe ants living in a colony.
* Who used to watch the ships loaded and unloaded. (passive)
* Are the students listening to their teacher expalining the lesson seriously ?

Note :
The verbs of sensation juga bisa diikuti oleh Bare Infinitive, kecuali feel dan smell. Bare Infinitive setelah the verbs of sensation mengacu seluruh aktivitas awal sampai akhir sedangkan Present Participle mengacu sebagian dari kegiatan.

Perhatikan contoh kalimat berikut !
* Jody watched his father change the fire of his motorbike. (Bare Infinitive)
(Jody berada di dekat ayahnya dari awal sampai selesai)
* Jody watched his father changing the fire of his motorbike. (Participle)
(Jody berada di dekat ayahnya tapi tidak sampai selesai, hanya melihat sekilas)

2. Participle after leave, cacth and find.

Present Participle dan Past Participle bisa diletakkan setelah kata leave, catch dan find.
Pola kalimat :
Subject + leave, catch, find + Object + Present/Past Participle
Contoh :
*Police Caught some teenagers partying drugs and heavy drinks near the river bank.
*Olivia is a lazy girl. She often leaves her duty unfinished.
(Three fishermen found a dead body floating on the river.
*Some villagers have found a baby abandoned in the trash place.

Kata catch dan find juga bisa menunjukkan ketidaksenangan (dipleasure).
Contoh :
* Raysa caught her fiance making affair with another woman.
* She found her roomate reading her diary book.

3. Participle after sit, stand and lie.

Present Participle dan Past Participle bisa diletakkan setelah kata : sit, stand dan lie.
Pola kalimat :
Subject + sit, stand, lie + The expression of place + Present/Past Participle
Contoh :
* She is sitting on the easy chair reading a newspaper.
* Nayla lay on a couch resting.
* A naughty student has to stand at the corner of the class punished for coming late.
* A criminal sat on the chair interrogated seriously.

4. Participle after spend and waste

Present Participle dan Past Participle bisa diletakkan  setelah kata : spend dan waste.
Pola kalimat :
Subject + spend, waste + The expression of the time/money + Present Participle
Contoh :
* How long has Ayu spent her time helping people with cancer ?
* Bagas wastes his money clubbing every night.
* Fadio wants to spend time loving his darling forever.

5. Participle after have and get

Present Participle dan Past Participle bisa diletakkan setelah kata : have dan get. Pada struktur kalimat ini Have dan Get memiliki makna meminta atau menyuruh.
Pola kalimat :
Subject + have, get + Object + Present/Past Participle
Contoh :
* She has her dirty plates washed. (Dia menyuruh piring kotornya dicuci)
* Umam got his articles edited before being printed (Umam meminta artile-artikelnya diedit sebelum dicetak)
* Will you have these paintings exhibited next week ? (Akankah kamu meminta lukisan-lukisan ini dipamerkan minggu depan ? )
* Fahri hasn’t got his new house insured. (Fahri tidak meminta rumah barunya diasuransikan)
* Will you have your shoes mended ? (Akankah kamu menyuruh sepatumu ditambal ? )

6. Participle after be busy

Pola kalimat :
Subject + be/linking verb + busy + Present Participle
Contoh :
* Tyan and Dewi seem busy preparing their wedding party.
* Father is busy earning money everyday.
* Are you always busy studying at the night before the test ?
* Many university graduates are busy finding a good job.
* They look busy working, don’t they ?

7. Participle after have a hard/ difficult time

Pola kalimat :
Subject + have a hard/ difficult time + Present Participle
Contoh :
* Rosa had a hard time deciding where to study after her high school.
* He is very busy. He has a difficult time meeting his wife and children.

Itulah Contoh kalimat Participle after Other Verbs and Expressions. Semoga bermanfaat.
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