Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 2 plus Kunci Jawaban

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal Ulangan Tengah Semester 2 mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk adik-adik yang duduk di bangku Sekolah Dasar kelas 5.
Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 2 dan Kunci Jawaban
I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d !
I. The shape of bamboo is ....
a. triangle
b. rhombus
c. sylinder
d. rectangle

2. The shape of the coin is ....
a. circle
b. square
c. oval
d. cube

3. The shape of the blackboard is ....
a. triangle
b. circle
c. rectangle
d. trapeze

Cube Picture Soal Bahasa Inggris
This is a ....
a. block
b. cube
c. cone
d. rhombus

5. The shape of the ball is ....
a. round
b. circle
c. cone
d. oval

6. These vehicle can fly, except ....
a. train
b. boat
c. helicopter
d. jet plane

7. Vehicle which has three wheels is ....
a. motorcycle
b. pedicap
c. car
d. train

8. The vehicle which stops at the airport is ....
a. bus
b. ship
c. plane
d. train

9. Rano : " Who is driving a car?
    Karno : ....
a. farmer
b. sailor
c. pilot
d. driver

10. The transportation which carries a lot of thing is ....
a. car
b. truck
c. bicycle
d. pedicap

11. We can see many .... in Tanjung Perak harbour.
a. trains
c. carriages
d. helicopters

On foot soal Bahasa Inggris
He goes home by ....
a. bus
b. on foot
c. bike
d. train

13. A ship moves slowly, but it can carry .... of people.
a. a few
b. not many
c. a little
d. thousands

14. There are land transportation, except ....
a. train
b. plane
c. bus
d. motorcycle

15. A .... can reach a long distance in a few hours.
a. plane
b. car
c. train
d. bus

16. George : " How .... she go to Malang?
     Michael : " She will go to Malang by plane.
a. is
b. does
c. do
d. could

17. If you sick, you should consume ....
a. cake
b. medicine
c. juice
d. bread

18. If we have a toothache, we should go to a ....
a. oculist
b. dentist
c. patient
d. nurse

19. We can buy medicine in the ....
a. dispensary
b. library
c. market
d. store

20. Shella drinks too much ice. Now she suffers from a ....
a. headache
b. cough
c. eyeache
d. toothache

21. Hendra can not hear well. He has an ....
a. fever
b. earache
c. eyesore
d. stomachache

Stomachache picture for soal Bahasa Inggris
Boni never washes his hands before eating. Now he suffers from a ....
a. cough
b. flu
c. headache
d. stomachache

23. Someone who helps the doctor is a ....
a. teacher
b. secretary
c. soldier
d. nurse

24. We need .... to mail the letter.
a. stamp
b. bank
c. coin
d. letter

25. We go to the .... if want to mail a letter
a. bank
b. market
c. post Office
d. station

26. We have breakfast every ....
a. night
b. morning
c. afternoon
d. time

27. Give me a cup of . . . .
a. rice
b. cake
c. bread
d. tea

28. If we want to buy something we go to . . . .
a. market
b. cinema
c. school
d. mosque

29. Rudi always prays in the . . .
a. cinema
b. post office
c. mosque
d. garden

30. I am hungry I want to . . . .
a. sleep
b. eat
c. drink
d. read

II. Translate into English !
1. Rudi menggambar sebuah segitiga
2. Saya pergi sekolah naik sepeda
3. Kereta api adalah kendaraan panjang
4. Truk bisa membawa banyak barang
5. Afi Farma adalah nama apotek

III. Read the text carefully and answer the questions !

         Go To The Post Office
This morning, Kevin and Reno will go to post office. Then, they go together. The post office is far from their home. The post office is located between the bank and the police station. There is a supermarket in front of the post office.
Kevin wants to mail his letter to his friend. The name of Kevin's friend is Afis. Afis lives in Surabaya. Reno wants to buy some writing papers, envelopes, and stamps. He also wants to write a letter to his close friend in Jakarta.

1. Who will go to post office?
2. Where is the pos office located?
3. What is a front of the post office?
4. What is the name of Kevin's friend?
5. Why does Reno want to buy some writing papers, envelopes, and stamps ?

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Kunci Jawaban Room I
1.c  2.a  3.c  4.b  5.a  6.b  7.b  8.c  9.d  10.b  11.b  12.b  13.d  14.b  15.a  16.b  17.b  18.b  19.a  20.b  21.b  22.d  23.d  24.a  25.c  26.b  27.d  28.a  29.c  30.b

Kunci Jawaban Room II
1. Rudi draws a triangle
2. I go to school by bicycle
3. Train is long vehicle
4. Truck can carry a lot of things
5. Afi Farma is the name of dispensary

Kunci Jawaban Room III
1. Kevin and Reno
2. The post office is located between the bank and the police station
3. a supermarket
4. The name of Kevin's friend is Afis
5. Because he also wants to write a letter to his close friend in Jakarta.

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