Soal Modal Auxiliary Pilihan Ganda plus Kunci Jawaban

Halo adik-adik ... Berikut ini Soal Modal Auxiliary pilihan ganda untuk kalian semua. Soal modal auxiliary ini berupa kuis online dan sudah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Namun ada baiknya kalian mencoba mengerjakan soal secara mandiri dulu ya.

Setelah mengerjakan soal, kalian dapat melihat langsung hasilnya secara online yaitu skor. Jika jawaban kalian benar maka skor otomatis bertambah. Namun jika jawaban kalian salah, jangan khawatir karena skor tidak akan berkurang. Total skor jika semua jawaban benar adalah 100. Ayo, uji kemampuan Bahasa Inggris kalian di sini !

Soal Online Modal Auxiliary Pilihan Ganda

Soal Modal Auxiliary
Petunjuk: klik lingkaran yang ada di depan jawaban yang benar. Poin untuk satu soal adalah 5

1. Tumini lived in Las Vegas for ten years. She .... be able to speak English fluently.

2. Last year Bagas didn't pass the examination. He ....
should have studied harder
may have studied harder
would have studied harder
must have studied harder

3. "No one answered when I knocked at your door yesterday morning"
"Oh ... they .... at that time."
may be out
should have be out
might be out
must have been out

4. Paul did not keep his promise to write us a letter soon. He might have been very busy.
The underline words mean ....
Paul was certainly busy
Paul is expected to be very busy
Paul be very busy
Paul was perhaps very busy

5. "May I play outside with my friends?"
"No, you .... stay in bed until the fever is gone."

6. Dion hasn't come yet. He .... overtime.
must be working
can work
will work
would be working

7. The children went to school by taxi but they arrived late.
The taxi driver .... them around.
might take
could be taken
must take
must have taken

8. The student may use their dictionaries during the test.
It means : They are .... to use their dictionaries during the test.

9. He told me a lot about the Philippines. He .... there for a long time.
might be living
would have lived
must have lived
would be living

10. I saw someone smoking at the petrol station. I said ....
You need not have smoked here !
You need not smoke here !
You must not have smoked here !
You must not smoke here !

11. They have lost all their possessions in the fire. They .... a hard time now.
may have had
must be having
ought to have
used to have

12. "Why were you not at Regina's party last night?"
"Oh, I .... overtime."
must work
must have worked
had to work
would work

13. Tania borrowed my book last week. When I asked her about it, she couldn't show it.
It must have been lost. The underline sentence means ....
Perhaps Tania had lost my book
She might have lost my book
I didn't conclude that Tania had lost my book
I'm sure that Tania had lost my book

14. I'm getting tired. I'd like to go home and go to bed. Would you mind .... early?
going home
to leave
goes home
 to sleep

15. I haven't met her for a long time since the graduation two years ago. She .... at the university.
might study
would study
must have been studying
would have studied

16. You .... cure that cut on your hand soon, or it will get infected.
had better
don't have to
be to

17. The traffic regulation in the United States is different from that in infected.
There you .... drive on the right side of the road.
would rather

18. As a student, I always had instant noodles for breakfast when I was in Senior High School. This means that I .... for breakfast.
used to have instant noodles
have instant noodles
am used to having instant noodles
like to have instant noodles

19. "Would you mind if I .... this magazine tomorrow?"
"Sorry, I'm still reading it."
will return
am returning
to return

20. Luna was a famous actress. She .... act well.
could have
was able to

Sudahkah kamu mendapat skor 100 ? Jika belum COBA LAGI deh !

Javascript pada browser perlu diaktifkan untuk menampilkan soal online ini. Jika soal online tidak berjalan, kamu dapat mengunjungi Soal Modal Auxiliary plus Kunci Jawaban

Itulah Soal Modal Auxiliary Pilihan Ganda plus Kunci Jawaban. Masih banyak latihan soal online Bahasa Inggris yang bisa kamu kerjakan di sini. Tetap semangat belajar yaaa :)

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