Soal Online Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7, 8, 9 Part 2

Halo adik-adik, berikut ini admin bagikan soal online Bahasa Inggris SMP kelas 7, 8, dan 9 part 2. Ada banyak sekali soal Bahasa Inggris untuk tingkatan SMP sehingga admin sengaja mempostingnya di blog ini agar kalian juga bisa menggunakannya untuk menguji kemampuan grammar kalian.

Seperti biasanya, soal ini berupa kuis atau tes online bahasa Inggris yang mana kalian bisa langsung menjawab soal dengan cara mengklik bulatan di depan jawaban yang kalian anggap paling benar. Skor otomatis ditampilkan. Total skor jika semua jawaban benar adalah 100.

Soal Online Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7, 8, 9

Soal Online "Bahasa Inggris SMP"
Petunjuk: klik lingkaran yang ada di depan jawaban yang benar. Poin untuk satu soal adalah 5

1. He bouhgt a coloured television though he was not rich. From this sentence we know that he had .... money.
a little
a lot of
a few

2. I have been collecting stamps since I was a child.
This means that I .... stamps.
am still collecting
will collect

3. Talita went to Taman Safari Indonesia yesterday. She is still there.
From this information, we know that Talita .... in Taman Safari Indonesia for two days.
has been

4. X : " I'm from Jawa Pos. May I ask you some questions, please?"
    Y : " Yes, all right."
The underlined utterance above expresses ....
asking permission
refusing permission
introducing people
inviting someone

5. The horizontal line which runs over Pontianak is called ....
a longitude
an equator
the tropical country
the Kalimantan map

6. The teacher : " Now, we are going to have our geography class."
    Agung : " What can I do for you, sir?"
   The teacher :" Please, clean the board!"
The underlined utterance above expresses ....
offering help
inviting someone

7. Shopkeeper : " Can I help you, Miss?"
    Rita : " .... will you show me some English books, all right."
    Shopkeeper : " Sure ! Here you are."
The underlined utterance above expresses ....
Yes, please
You're welcome
How are you
How do you do

8. Indonesia is .... land.
an active
a brave
a creative
a productive

9. Indonesia consists of small and big islands. We call it ....
an archipelago
a continen
mountainous lands
an ocean

10. - The girl is very beautiful
     - She is  in front of the door
The correct combine of the two sentences is ....
The girl in front of the door is very beautiful
She is in front of the door is very beautiful
The girl is very beautiful is in front of the door
The girl is in front of the door is very beautiful

11. My father .... new painting in the gallery yesterday.

12. The foreigner : " Good afternoon, boy?"
      The boy: " Good afternoon, sir .... ?"
      The foreigner : " Yes, tell me the way to the teather please !"
      The boy: " It's next to the restaurant."
Can you join me
Can I help you
Where are you
How do you do

13. Many people call me the bird of paradise.
I have beautiful and colourful feathers
The government protect me.
The people may not hunt me.
What am I?
a parrot
an elephant
a peacock
a kangaroo

14. Rena : "Cibaduyut is in South Bandung, .... ?"
      Nella : "That's right."
isn't it
is it
does it
doesn't it

15.Riyan :" Hi Reni, the weather is cloudy."
                 Do you think it will rain, soon?"
     Reni :" I think so, I am .... it will rain soon."
not sure
not certain
that's good news

16. X :"Do you know where did Mr. Hasan go? I want to see him."
      Y :" He went to buy a spade. But ... he will come soon. He has gone two hours ago."
I doubt
I'm not sure
I'm sure
I agree

17. The coffee is .... bitter to drink. Can you give me some sugar please?

18. Seila .... doubt that her father can help her.
is not
do not

19. A good arrangement of these words is ....
Our - thicker - books - theirs - than - are
  1          2           3            4         5       6

20. Nadia : "It would be nice if we had lunch here, the scenery is very beautiful."
     Tina: " .... Let's have lunch, now."
I am sure
I doubt
I am not sure
That's a good idea

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Itulah Soal Online Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7, 8, 9 Part 2. Semoga bermanfaat untuk kita semua.

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